web design: Blog Three

type system one:

fonts: suez one, asap condensed

type system two:

fonts: vidaloka, alegreya sans

type system three:

fonts used: suez one, alegreya sans


For my final decision, I chose the third font system, which is actually a mix between the first two, using one font from each. The font I am using for the main headlines is suez one. I chose this font because it is big and thick, so it is easy to read as the headlines, but it is also fun. I originally paired it with asap condensed because I wanted contrast between a wide font and a condensed font. I chose alegreya sans as the font for everything else because it a very thin font, and it is good contrast for both of the headline fonts I chose. It also comes in a wide variety of thicknesses and bold/italics, so there is a lot to chose from if one weight looks better than the other.

(For the colors I used, the circles are colors that go together that I was thinking of using if I wanted to add more color).



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