What was your initial reaction to the Whitney identity system after reading the first article? In response to the Whitney museum rebrand you can apply phrases like “keep it simple” “work smarter not harder” “less is more” and things like that. I think the responsive nature of the logo is…

Theres good and bad design literally everywhere you go. Once you become a designer you notice it at lot more often… a blessing and a curse.

Some Good Logos

Sushi Street

This is a logo for a sushi restaurant. I think this logo is really clever because it combines both…

Kinetic Typography

Audio Choices


True Detective “what are you?” scene



Code Geass “nunnally meets CC” scene



Big Time Rush “You have to take all of us” sceneéDeWitt


Chosen Audio

one, True Detective.

This audio shows a contrast between simple and complex. One character…

Course Survey

  1. Reflect: I had a hard time remembering exactly what everything meant. There were a lot of new words we learned so sometimes adding things to my project was difficult because I couldn’t remember what it was called and the difference between the other new things I learned. …

Topic: My Portfolio

Pages: Home, About Me, Projects, Contact Me

Home will include my logo, name and title, navigation to next pages

About me will include my photo, a little about me, and my style as a designer

Projects will include photos of some of my design work, tapping the…

My Topic: Tarot card (specifically identifying the cards)

The main page: a brief introduction to what tarot cards are.

Subpages: Identifying the major arcana, identifying the minor arcana, and different styles/designers of the cards

Layout Options:

jesse wise

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